Vanity Journey creates virtual tours for the textile industry


At a time when many business contacts have been transposed to online, the Portuguese technology company Vanity Journey takes digitalization even further, with a new project of virtual visits for the textile industry. The action combines 360 technology, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D and 2D, which allows companies to replicate customer visits and present the products in an experience as close as possible to a real visit. .

The visits are filmed in the factories, adapting to various types of spaces: it can capture showrooms, stores, and production lines (example below). In addition to the image - which is filmed all around, with 360 cameras - the technology also captures sound, and allows companies to add interactive information, such as product descriptions or manufacturing processes.

According to Vanity Journey (, this immersive technology allows for closer contact between salespeople and their customers - especially at a time when the health crisis does not allow for face-to-face visits. "It always has the focus of bringing the customer in a conscious and emotional way to the brand," the tech explains in a statement.

In addition to virtual visits, the company has also carried out projects to renew communication, Design, with the new digital platforms at the center of the processes.